The Gale Mansion

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The 1912 Gale Mansion has served as home to the Minneapolis Chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) since the 1940s. In the 1960s, the original Renaissance Revival structure received a modern auditorium addition.  In addition to serving the members of the AAUW the building serves as a popular venue for weddings, small conferences, and similar events.


In 2007 the AAUW decided to upgrade the building. The program was to make the mansion function better for both the AAUW and their event/catering business while keeping the beautiful interiors of the mansion untouched. Space planning and accessibility upgrades were major priorities, and MacDonald & Mack took care to address both the organization’s own needs and the alterations needed to enhance their event business. The project included adding an elevator in a historically-sensitive addition, replacing the commercial kitchen, and aesthetically improving the 1960s work while preserving both the interior and significant areas of the interior.






General contractor: Watson Forsberg Construction

Structural engineer: Mattson Macdonald Young

Mechanical/Electrical Engineer: Halberg Engineering

Masonry: Macpherson Towne



Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Award



The Gale Mansion

National Register nomination for Washburn-Fair Oaks Mansion District

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